Devenir Torovenado


This project is a sacred ritual for dissident and subversive everyday practices of the queer indigenous community in Monimbó, questioning the “right time” to perform non heteronormatives identities. Devenir Torovenado takes place after the carnival season of the official Torovenado carnival in honor of San Jeronimo, confronting other religious festivities that do not recognize or include in their agenda any space for the queer community. This project combines radical activism and performance art which concluded with a workshop with the LGBT organizations that collaborated in the performance, the workshop was led by poet and social methodologist Ezequil D’León Masís; “We will experience a space for critical reflection starting from the experience that we, as observers and participants in Devenir Torovenado, have been able to set in motion in regards to the rupture of heteronormativity in cultural and self-generated environments for the potentiality of the performance as a tool for activism for human rights and sexual diversity in Nicaragua.”

This project stems from a conversation with writer Erick Blandón, based on Blandón’s «El torovenado, lugar para la diferencia en un espacio no letrado» published in his book Barroco descalzo (2003).

“I am becoming a being-witch, -divine, -animal, -shaman, -mad(wo)man, -travesti, -trans, -totemic in this visual and real exploration of my own being. I will be the old woman of the volcano, Saint Jeronimus, Saint Sebastian, the brawling crazy woman «la loca», I will be a deer, I will be a body covered in gold having anal sex with a man like those encountered by the Spaniards, I will be a pretext for spreading doubt in the symbolical confidence of a cultural practice.